Our Team!

Tiffany Rule (She/Her) Washington High School Senior

Tiffany is a 17 year old who participated in many activities prior to Covid! She was a part of Color Guard, Choir and did volunteer work over the summer (working with HACAP after the derecho and occasionally with VoteMob). She works at Starbucks and spends her free time painting or hammocking by herself or with her friends. Tiffany hopes to go into Marketing and Event Management at DMACC when she graduates and is planning to apply for an internship with Spotify! She is also a huge MCU fan, and spends too much time watching the movies and money on merchandise.

Livi Metzger (She/They) Washington High School Senior

Livi is an 18 year old and occasional early bird, when they wake up early they enjoy doing morning yoga or enjoying some toast. Livi loves playing different video games such as Overwatch and Diablo with their friends. They also work for Right Dose and loves being able to make money by driving to other towns in Iowa. Livi also is a big MCU and DC fan, their favorite MCU movie being Thor Ragnarok. Livi hopes to travel and started their traveling adventure a few years ago when they went to Panama!

Grace Hobson (She/Her) Prairie High School Junior

Grace is a 16 year old music lover and an extreme early bird. She wakes up early everyday, ready with her first coffee of the day. She is in a plethora of activities and clubs including Tennis, Volleyball, BPA, Student Council and Best Buddies. Grace is a vegan and spends her time working at Starbucks but in her free time she likes to hangout with her best friends or go clothes shopping. She loves getting her clothes from thrift stores (such as goodwill) and almost all of her closet is thrifted and salvaged. Grace also has an addiction to buying shoes.

Ag Hitzel (She/They) Kennedy High School Junior

Ag is a 16 year old who is passionate about helping kids in the foster care system and is a huge child care advocate. Ag hopes to pursue law school after high school to become a child advocacy lawyer. Ag is a great friend and big music lover, they love to spend their time by going for drives and listening to music with their friends or going skating. They are a major night owl and channel their night time creativity into art and future project ideas. Ag participates in the Kennedy Choir and Show Choir and works at Chic-fil-a after school!

Sadie Rebman (She/They) Prairie High School Sophomore

Sadie is a 15 year old Harry Potter lover who has big hopes of traveling after high school, hopefully out of the country one day. Their current goal is to work and save up enough money to go to Disney World with their school! Sadie has three dogs, Maggie (4 year-old Saint Bernard), Skyla (2 year-old Husky-German Shepard Mix) and Immy (3 year-old Bulldog), that they love with all their heart. Sadie plays Tennis at Prairie High School and loves growing their photography skills in their free time!

Celestte Panduro Orellana (She/Her) Jefferson High School Senior

Celestte is an 18 year old kind soul, she isn’t actually on this project but she is always there to help us when we need it. She is the team’s emotional support and we can always turn to her if we need extra hands or volunteers. Celestte participates in a few activities at Jefferson including their show choir West Side Delegation. Celestte even got to rock a solo in their show choir this year. Celestte works at Orange Leaf and loves spending her free time listening to music, reading, or hanging out with her sister and boyfriend. Celestte always finds a way to brighten everyone’s mood and makes everyone her friend

Dennis Becker (He/Him) Social Studies Teacher and Project Supervisor

Becker teaches many classes at the Iowa BIG NewBo location, such as Sociology, Economics, US History and more. His passion is helping students find their way and connect their passions to projects. Becker helps us learn professional and responsible ways to manage a project and work with business partners. Becker is a podcast enthusiast and likely has a podcast for any subject that interests you.

Shawn Cornally (He/Him) Science and Math Teacher

Shawn is not our project supervisor but has been a great help to the team, he helps on the days Becker is off site or not able to make it! He helped us make our posters as well as this website, he is our team mascot! Shawn teachers Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics. He’s a “prankster” and will always make you laugh, even in class when making an example or explaining a problem.

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